About Us

First established in 2000, we are a 100% Australian owned business with a strong focus on small to medium level enterprises.
We recognise that not everybody has the time nor patience to learn about webhosting, so we've provided you with the tools, services, and support in order for you to take your business online quickly and easily.

Our Mission

To provide simple yet complete hosting solutions for small to medium sized businesses coupled with outstanding support.

The Team

When you choose Horizon Hosting, you don't just get webspace. You get real expertise and technical experience to back up your business. We're part of your team and we're here to help your business succeed.
The Horizon Hosting team are highly trained and motivated to help each and every one of our clients prosper in the cutthroat world of online business.

The Technology

In evaluating a web host, it is important to validate where the business bases it's servers. Some choose locations overseas in order to offer cheaper prices, but can compromise performance by doing so. Servers based locally will provide you with far better performance. Our servers are based in Sydney Australia giving you extremely fast connectivity.
Our hosting plans represent fantastic value and give you a tremendous level of control should you need it to manage your entire online presence from start to finish.